Bespoke Consulting for Investment banks

Uncover the answer with analyics

Custom strategic guidance using our unique, data-driven approach

Example - Sector Expansion:

Diversifying sector coverage to reduce

► Sector expansion plan for an Energy-focused bank


► Compare addressable opportunity in various sectors

► Profile organic growth trajectory of successful peers, and rate success of inorganic expansions

► Find opportunities to leverage existing PE relationships


► Set priorities by balancing resources vs. likely outcome

► Glean operational and strategic lessons from peers

IB Client Prospects in Tech Sector

Example - Client Prospecting:

Predicting IB client opportunities with pinpoint precision

► Tactical road-map for client on-boarding initiative


► Define 20+ attributes of a compelling IB client

► Assign company-level grades to potential clients

► Aggragate grades for sector-level thematic insight


► Align resource commitments and fee opportunity

► Efficiently allocate balance sheet to new clients

Why choose Freeman:

Uniquely positioned at the crossroads of analytics and strategy consulting for 25+ years

► Access to senior MDs and consultants, all of whom focus exclusively on the IB industry


► Our transparent, data-driven methodology underlies all recommendations and assertions


► Engagement models and project scopes tailored to your firm's specific needs

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